picture of myself

Adrian Stanton


I'm Adrian, a web developer! I am an upcoming web and software developer, currently focused on my HTML, CSS and javascript skills for front-end development, check out my projects to follow my progress. I shall be adding to my skill set by learning more about web applications, APIs, serverside applications and cybersecurity to become a full-stack developer. I'm also very interested in blockchain development and game development. I am looking for my first IT job, as an entry-level web developer.

I have been a chef for the last 12 years so I know how to work under pressure managing multiple tasks, sometimes on my own as well as part of a team. I have always been a tech enthusiast and computers have always been a part of my life, I even remember coding in BASIC as a kid. I used to make newsletters and HTML web pages as a teenager, I also managed to gain administrator privileges on a school network I used. more recently I have been experimenting with raspberry pi, I have one for my home network security. I feel that computers are in my blood.