Here you will find some of the projects I'm currently working on, I am working on different projects like Mario.js to build my skill sets. I'm learning more by applying things and understanding how they work. I only have a few posted at the moment, but as learn more I will expand this list.

Web Developement

Web development is my main focus, therefore a lot of posts will be related to this section, I will be adding a Web development series to my blog. I'm starting with the basics by going through a 12-hour+ boot camp course. First is the basics, file setup, HTML elements and CSS. I have used what I have learnt to build this profile site, and then I will start some newbie challenges on frontend mentor and start building my portfolio with basic templates progressing full website demos. My goal is to start my career as a frontend developer and move forward into full-stack development


I also have a few javascript projects in the pipeline, starting with some basic programs and working towards full web applications. Much of this category will overlap with web development, but it is all part of my goal to become a full-stack developer. I have a couple of game ideas as side projects as well.

The road ahead

As I said my goal is to become a full-stack developer. I will begin learning different frameworks, and server applications like node.js, I am also honing my Linux skills and learning programming languages like python. I intend to understand the workings of APIs and create my own. I also think it will be important to understand cybersecurity and be able to build safeguards within websites, applications and services. and on a connected toolset, Opensources Intelligence, OSINT, Information is critical in cybersecurity, whether you are an attacker or defender. There are many different areas of focus in OSINT, one I have an interest in is missing persons, personally important to me, and I will post some blogs covering this in the future. Blockchain development is something I may get involved with in the future also.